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COJOTHERAPY is the new complete system of healing the diseases throughout the non-conventional energies, most all cosmic energies that are very necessary and that equilibrates the human body and heals incurable diseases improving for good the sick person's state of health.

In case of disease the creative, the Intellectual, the emotional and physical performances diminish, and as the deficits of vital energy gets bigger, there stay to appear physical (altogether with "growing older before age"), emotional and intellectual affection.

According to Mr. COJOCARU CONSTANTIN, the health is the state when the body energy's parameters are in normal limits, the body energy being a form of bio-energetic manifestation around human body. It can be manifested or not -  being obvious  in biological modifications of different parts of the human body, extern or intern. Any distortion regarding the reducing of the normal values any even disappearing of the body energy, that invisible body cover of 10-15 cm, suggest the state of illness.


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