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COJOTHERAPY   is a method of human (or animal) treatment that brings back the state of health, even for some incurable diseases.

It is a super-physiotherapy which is made with original apparatus that is not supplied with magnetically or nuclear energy, but who uses non-conventional (cosmic) energy. The apparatus are:

COJOCERC - it is used to re-equilibrate the bio-energy through the patient body energy.

COJOCEN-CONCENTRATOR of non-conventional energy, a brevetted apparatus which is not supplied with magnetically or electric energy, its purpose is to  compensate  the lack of energy from human body, this lack being a consequence of illness, as well as to reestablish the bio-energetic equilibrium which is a correspondent of healthy state of the body.

COJOTHERAPY  is the human (or animal) treatment method which brings back completely the state of health, even for some incurable diseases worldwide, created by the author 14 years ago and functioning without contraindications or adverse reactions.

The cojotherapy treatment has no contraindications being made outside the body; the restrictions that are imposed are easy to respect, and with some exceptions there aren't any restriction of food or drinking.

It is an intensive and sequential treatment, which consists of sittings as comprised as they can be (1-2 days), with pauses of 2-3 days (4 sittings in a work day).

The COJOTHERAPY  is completely associated with movement, right after every sitting there must be done physical exercise, getting up and down on the stairs, and walking is obligatory. That's why there can't be treated the persons that aren't mobile. The case  is considered solved when the patient can walk four kilometers and get up and down 7 floors without any help.

A good psychic state of mind, the trust in this method, no stress at all-all these lead to sure and fast healing.

The fear, the arrogance, the tensional moods, block the assimilation of non-conventional energies and the re-establishment of healthy state of the body delays.

The assimilation of non-conventional energies is done on the skin surface for arms and feet. The higher the temperature of working medium is higher, the faster the disease is treated through COJOTHERAPY  (long sleeves shirt is obligatory in any season).

Conditions for being treated:

  1. A recent diagnostic established by a specialist must be presented.
  2. Corresponding clothes, which must cover most part of the body.
  3. The patient must not be stressed, he must be well fed and rested.
  4. The patient must have the capacity of doing physical exercises after each sitting. There will be made a graphic to each patient.
  5. The patient must trust in this method, he must have a very good psychic state.
  6. COJOTHERAPY  can't heal cancer, chronic tuberculosis, meningitis, massive internal infections. From 2001 the epilepsy can be healed at the cojotherapy  cabinet from Bacau.

Restriction imposed by the COJOTHERAPY 


From the beginning of cojotherapy sittings and one year after the patient ends this treatment, must be avoid: the rain, the cold the staying on cement, the sun or the exposure in the sun without a proper hat.

The patient must also avoid the stress, the tensional moments, the pollution, the factors that can bring back a state of discomfort.

The duration of cojotherapy treatment:

Taking into account the patient's age and how long is the period of his disease, the duration of the treatment can be maximum 12 days (except the pause days) for extremely serious diseases.

Through COJOTHERAPY  we can have  success with the following diseases:

- an 90% success for:

   pancreatitis, arthritis, Raynaud syndrome, bronchi asthma, high far and near sighting, enuresis, ulcer, melene, chistical nodules, fibroid tumor, calcaneens arthroses, coxarthrosis, poliarthritis, rheumatism, gallbladder dischinesy and lithiaisis.

- an 80% success for:

   leukoneuraxis and psychical diseases.

- an 60% success for:

   trigeminal neuralgia, Parkinson disease


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